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Helpline >> Fatehgarh Sahib

Fatehgarh Sahib

Doctor's Name Father's Name Desgnation Regd.No Date of Joining Service Educ. Quali. Extra Quali. Place of Posting Tehsil Mobile E Mail
Ravinder singh Jaswant singh Vety. Officer 1572 27.05.1995 BVSc&AH M.V.Sc Mahadian F.G.Sahib Not given  
Harinder Jit Singh Piara Singh Vety. Officer 916 00.00.1987 BVSc&AH nil Pirthian Bassi Pathana Not given  
Budhinder singh Pritam Singh Vety. Officer 1714 15.10.1998 BVSc&AH nil Karimpura Bassi Pathana Not given  
Ravinder Jit Singh Rattan Singh Vety. Officer 927 29.08.1986 BVSc&AH nil Kheri Bir Singh Bassi Pathana 98150-78390  
Vivek Singh Sushil Kumar Vety. Officer 1750 26-11-1998 BVSc&AH nil Bhateri P.O Garangan Bassi Pathana Not given  
Bhupindr Pal Singh   Vety. Officer 1974 14.10.1998 BVSc&AH nil Nand Pur Kalour Bassi Pathana Not given  
Rajesh Gupta R.P.Gupta Vety. Officer 1701 28.1.1995 BVSc&AH nil Nagawan Bassi Pathana 98726-35738  
Bhupesh Kumar Kewal Krishan Vety. Officer 2499 08.09.2000 BVSc&AH nil Khera Bassi Pathana Not given  
Kulwinder Singh Jaspal Singh Vety. Officer 693 21.11.1983 BVSc&AH nil Badali Ala Singh Bassi Pathana 98150-66243  
Rsmesh Bharwad Gurbax Singh Vety. Officer 506 17.11.1983 BVSc&AH nil Bhagran Bassi Pathana 98728-10839  
Narinder Pal Thaman Kishan Chand Thaman Vety. Officer 1033 02.12.1938 BVSc&AH nil Chuunai Kalan Bassi Pathana Not given  
Shushil Kumar Khullar Lt.Durga Dass Khullar Vety. Officer 277 07.11.1981 BVSc&AH nil Pawala Bassi Pathana 98156-35031  
Manjit Kumar Nawab Kumar Vety. Officer 1493 15.03.1995 BVSc&AH nil Mukatsar Bassi Pathana 94171-72862  
Navdeep Kumar Megh Raj Vety. Officer 1813 15.10.1998 BVSc&AH nil Barwali Kurad Khamano Not given  
Sadiq Rafiq Mohad Vety. Officer 1632 15.10.1998 BVSc&AH nil Bhari Khamano Not given  
Naresh Kumar Ram Parkash Vety. Officer 1424 02.02.1990 BVSc&AH nil Sohavi Khamano Not given  
Rsmesh Kumar Sohat Piara Lal Sohat Vety. Officer 1041 23.08.1986 BVSc&AH nil Dulwan Khamano Not given  
Bahadar Singh Malkiat Singh Vety. Officer 1626 30.01.1995 BVSc&AH nil Raipur Majara Khamano Not given  
Trilochan Singh Amar singh Vety. Officer 1849 23.10.1998 BVSc&AH nil Maneli Khamano Not given  
Harminder  Sekhon Gurmukh Sekhon Vety. Officer 1408 22.2.1990 BVSc&AH nil Sanghol Khamano 93161-113172  
Kuldip Kumar Jindal Kundan Lal Jindal Vety. Officer 1148 20.4.1985 BVSc&AH nil Ranwan Khamano Not given  
Ranbir Kumar Kulwant Rai Vety. Officer 1305 03.02.1990 BVSc&AH nil Amloh Amloh Not given  
Amrik Singh Darshan Singh Vety. Officer 1708 04.03.0996 BVSc&AH nil Shamash Pur Amloh 98152-56371  
Bahadur Singh Teja Singh Vety. Officer 1636 02.02.1995 BVSc&AH nil Khare F.G.Sahib 98155-92805  
Gurcharan Singh Baldev Singh Vety. Officer 1540 01.04.1995 BVSc&AH nil Badhauchhi Kalan F.G.Sahib 94173-84757  
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